Maltese law provides for instances whereby a person may file a claim in the Small Claims Tribunal, presided by an arbitrator, who decides cases in relation to equity according to the Law. Such a tribunal hears claims which do not exceed the amount of three thousand and four hundred and ninety-four euro and six cents (€3,494.06). However, claims which are in relation to immovable property even if such claim does not exceed the maximum amount hereto referred to, are not considered as small claims.

The right of appeal is also available from the decision taken by the arbitrator during the Small claims case. Such appeal may be filed in the Court of Appeal in its Inferior Jurisdiction, within 20 days from when the decision is taken by the Small Claims Tribunal. The appeal application must always be signed by both the legal procurator as well as by the legal procurator, or by the party who is filing the appeal.

European Union Law also provides a simplified way to file a claim with regards to civil and commercial matters, however such a claim must not exceed two thousand euro (2000€). It is normally a written procedure, as yet an oral hearing may be considered necessary by Court. Any interested person may file such a claim either in Maltese or English, in the Maltese Courts.

Past small claims decisions may also be viewed by any individual online, by accessing the government’s website

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