Who we are.

Dr. Robert Piscopo graduated as a lawyer at the University of Malta and obtained his warrant to practice as a lawyer in Malta.

Robert has a particular interest in Development Planning and Environmental Law and his LL.D thesis was entitled, “The Prevention and Remedying of Environmental Damage Regulations: A Critical Appraisal”. Dr. Robert Piscopo is currently reading for a postgraduate course M.A (Law) in Environmental and Planning Legislation.

Dr. Robert Piscopo is a young and dynamic Malta Lawyer keen to develop the firm according to best practice. Our team offers a comprehensive and serious service to our individual and corporate clients in various legal fields - tackling matters from a reasonable and practical point of view and in the best interest of our clients aiming to achieve a constructive, well-researched and effective solution to each individual case.

His law firm seeks to foster mediation before the Malta Mediation Centre, arbitration before the Malta International Arbitration Centre and through Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms as an alternative to litigation which proceedings are usually much expedient and less costly than litigation, benefiting our clients.