This section of the law controls the relationship between the employers and employees, former employees, and applicants for employment that includes all areas of the relationship. The law provides for recourse to the Industrial tribunal if an employee feels aggrieved by a decision or action of an employer.

We handle cases of and for:

Employment contracts

– the contractual agreement entered into between employer and employee, provided that the statutory conditions of employment are respected.


– regarding employer and employee rights in cases of work termination.

Special treatment

– regarding cases whereby there is additional protection towards the employee in certain circumstances.

Industrial tribunal

– regarding cases that can be settled before the industrial tribunal.

Collective redundancies

– regarding cases of a larger group of people being made redundant from their workplace.

Data protection

– regarding privacy matters between employer and employee, and other cases related.

Foreign workers wanting to work in Malta

– as stated.

Malta’s 1974 Republic constitution upholds the very basic principles of all citizens to work, including the maximum daily working whours, a day a week of rest, minimum working age, professional worker training, gender equality, social insurance contributions and subsistence provided for people who are not able to perform work duties.