In Malta, over the past 10 years, the international iGaming industry has flourished and many iGaming operators have moved their operation totally to Malta or expanded their presence on the islands. We assist new operators to set up shop in Malta.

What are the reasons for relocating or opening up a new iGaming business in Malta?

  • An advantageous tax system
  • Low and competitive operating costs
  • Wide network of consultancy services for operations
  • A benchmark IT and Internet infrastructure locally
  • Customer service with an ever expanding variety of languages
  • Ample office spaces on a small island with easy reach to accommodation
  • Efficient transport system and proximity of accommodation, entertainment, servies
  • Quick setups and installations of office equipment with high standards
  • Being an island with 300+ sunny days a year

Our services include:

  • Company incorporations and operational setup
  • Assistance through license application process in all classes
  • Auditing, due diligence and accountancy
  • Liaising with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)
  • Drafting and signing of contracts with hosts service providers and legal
  • Drawing up of contracts of service and indemnification agreements
  • Other services and contracting of 3rd parties